Do I have to start at Level One?
Yes everyone does. This is not a reflection of your ability it's just how the School works. It has to start somewhere and we call that place Level One.

If you have already completed levels 1 & 2 during the previous year or at other CSS camps you may choose to enroll directly into level 3.

I recently went to what was supposed to be a training day and it basically turned into a lot of guys seeing how fast they could go around a track, with little or no input from the "instructor” who gives you personal tuition as a group of 3-4. We are a Cornering School and work just on Cornering techniques. You will attend 6 classroom sessions and have 5 on track sessions as well as off track training. You will be assigned an Instructor for the whole day and they work with you and 2 other students each time you go on track. It is a school, not a Track day. Anyone who treats it like a track day gets sent home.

Do I need to have special tyres on my bike or will standard road tyres do?
As we will expect you to ride at 80% or less (so you have enough attention to learn and apply new techniques), standard road tyres are fine as long as they pass our safety check.
For regulations of this safety check we do on your motorcycle before a school day, Click here

Is level 1 for complete beginners?
Level 1 is for everyone that has a license. If you can let the clutch out without stalling (most of the time…) and do the basic control actions on the bike, you’re ready for level 1. Although all riders start at level One, where possible we try our best to put you in a group of similarly skilled riders so the difference between the fastest and slowest in the group is as small as possible.

What happens if it rains?
If it rains…we get wet! The skills are just as applicable in the wet as they are in the dry and whatever weather we get on the day is the weather you learn to apply the skills in. We run, rain or shine…