Confidence versus Busy

Naturally, riders have questions about cornering. We put a lot of attention on cornering because riding motorcycles is all about cornering. That's where the fun is. (Straightaways are good too — they lead to the next turn). There are at least eleven aspects to any corner; eleven actions that are important and they're all connected to each other. Get them all right and the corner goes well. Get one or two of them a little off and any rider will wind up pretty busy. You may have noticed that good riders aren't busy riders, they're confident riders.

The Limits
The track offers a distraction-free environment. No cars, cops, kids or intersections. Everyone is going in the same direction, no yellow lines; riders use the whole road surface to find their cornering limits. And we want riders to approach their limits because every rider has limits that act as barriers to their improvement. Every rider needs to be familiar with their limits. We'll help find them. Finding and overcoming limits, one at a time, is the way to improvement. We developed and refined step-by-step rider training.

The Laboratory
Riders all over the world agree that the real cornering limits are fear and panic. We aren't saying we can eliminate them entirely but we can help. And again, not only for the sake of speed but to raise that confidence level. The track is like a laboratory, it's clean and controlled and with precise supervision riders can approach their own limits with full attention on improvement. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that a well supervised, closed road-circuit is the best place to do this. The day starts at 7:00 am and ends at 5:00 pm. You'll need to be well rested.