Riding Gear

The following is the minimum riding gear for a California Superbike School. Gear will be checked at the scrutineering area, so please bring it with you as you are having your motorcycle scrutineered.
1 Piece or 2 Piece Leathers (2 piece leathers must zip together) or Armored Textile Riding Gear (Jackets & Pants).
Leather motorcycle Boots (the Boots must overlap the pants, so no skin or other clothing can be seen).
Leather motorcycle Gloves (protective materials such as carbon fibre or Kevlar knuckles or palms are strongly
Full face Helmet that meets ISI standards. Visors must be correctly secured and in use.
Although Back Protectors are not mandatory, they are strongly recommended.
Should you wish to purchase Riding Gear, Leathers, Boots, Gloves, Helmets, Back Protectors,
   contact Viveck Jaisingh @ www.performanceracingstore.net

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