Champions Trained

Championships won by riders after being trained at the California Superbike School or by Keith personally.

World Champions
  2012 Moto3 World Champion Sandro Cortese
  2009 World Superbike Champion Ben Spies
  2007 World Superbike Champion James Toesland
  2005 MotoGP 125cc World Champion Thomas Lüthi
  2004 World Superbike Champion James Toseland
  2003 World Supersport Champion Chris Vermuellen
  1997 World Superbike Champion John Kocinski
  1993 World Endurance Champion Doug Toland
  1993 World Superbike Champion Scott Russell
  1992 World 500cc Champion Wayne Rainey
  1991 World 500cc Champion Wayne Rainey
  1990 World 500cc Champion Wayne Rainey
  1989 World Superbike Champion Fred Merkel
  1988 World Superbike Champion Fred Merkel

International Champions
  2015 Australian Superbike Champion Mike Jones
  2010 South African Supersport Champion Ronan Quarmby
  2009 British Superbike Champion Leon Camier
  2005 British Supersport Champion Leon Camier

AMA Superbike Champions
  2013 Josh Herrin
  2008 Ben Spies
  2007 Ben Spies
  2006 Ben Spies
  1998 Ben Bostrom
  1997 Doug Chandler
  1996 Doug Chandler
  1992 Scott Russell
  1991 Thomas Stevens
  1990 Doug Chandler
  1988 Bubba Shobert
  1987 Wayne Rainey
  1986 Fred Merkel
  1985 Fred Merkel
  1984 Fred Merkel
  1983 Wayne Rainey

AMA 600cc Champions
  2015 Joe Roberts
  2010 Austin Dehaven
  2008 Ben Bostrom
  2008 Jake Zemke (Formula-X)
  2007 Roger Lee Hayden
  2005 Tommy Hayden
  2004 Tommy Hayden
  2001 Eric Bostrom
  1994 Jamie James
  1990 David Sadowski

AMA Superstock Champions
  2004 Aaron Gobert
  1992 Scott Russell
  1991 Scott Russell
  1990 Scott Russell

AMA 250cc Champions
  2000 Chuck Sorensen
  1998 Roland Sands
  1986 Don Greene
  1985 Don Greene
  1984 Don Greene

AMA Supersport Champions
  2005 Tommy Hayden
  2004 Tommy Hayden
  2001 Eric Bostrom
  1994 Jamie James
  1990 David Sadowski

AMA SuperTwins Champions
  1997 Eric Bostrom
  1994 Shawn Higbee
  1990 Nigel Gale

Formula USA Champions
  1993 Chuck Graves
  1992 Mike Smith

AMA Formula Extreme Champion
  1998 Eric Bostrom

AMA Battle of the Twins Champion
  1988 Dale Quarterly


Total National and World Champions to date. More on the way!


Champion Leon Camier, 2005 British Supersport, Leon came up through the school's levels and got private coaching from Keith over the past year.


UK School Director Andy Ibbott with student Thomas Lüthi, 2005 125 World Champion.


Keith and student Tommy Hayden in 1999.


Thomas Lüthi


Keith with student Scott Russell and tuner Gary Medley in 1991.


Keith with student Jake Zemke in 1990.


Wayne Rainey, John Ulrich and Keith at Mid Ohio in 1986, just before the National race.



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